Day 2: AWE Banner

This probably seems more apt for a first post, but in any case, decided to work on a blog banner today.

Tried to imagine what would be a suitable background that fits the name. Something wild, perhaps? Searching for reference photos and obtaining one of adequate resolution usually takes a long time, so it was fortunate I had just the photo in mind.

The photo was taken near Bright, Victoria, where Darren and I went for our pre-wedding shoot with Wilson from AndroidsinBoots. Bright is incredibly beautiful in the fall. Its trees are a breathtaking display of red and gold before winter claims its throne. Completely worth the four-hour drive from Melbourne (Especially when I’m not the one driving. Sorry, D.). Here’s a snap from my old phone that inadequately illustrates what I mean:


We stopped somewhere on the return trip to Melbourne, and wandered into the clusters of trees in search of scenic spots. Here, Wilson shot using film, and the photos turned out really gorgeous.

Anyway, back to the banner. Here was my first attempt placing the words on the photo:

Banner sample

This was a crappy shot using my phone. The ‘W’ could hardly be seen against the lighter backdrop of the sky. I shifted the words lower and redid the overlapping branches. Final product:


Background photo credit: Wilson of AndroidsinBoots

Ta-ta! The edges of the branches aren’t as sharp as I’d like them to be. Nevertheless, I’m quite happy with it. (:

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