Day 3: Seedless Watermelon

Gosh, I’m so tired. Had a full day of fun at Playnation with a game tournament, came back home in the evening and had nothing but play on my mind. Procrastinated on today’s to-do piece and boy, am I regretting it. It’s past 1am and I have to wake early for a hiking trip. *tears stream down my face*

Good news is, Day 3 is finally done! I wanted to work on an image of a watermelon that popped into my mind yesterday. As always, I doodled first and today I decided to vectorise the image.

1 2

Transferring to Illustrator

3First Illustrator attempt

Gah, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Not sure if it was the time pressure, tiredness or both, I couldn’t focus very well. It looked like a purpose-driven watermelon practising kungfu to avenge his sweetheart, when all I wanted was a watermelon pooping seeds.

Back to the doodling board! Made an incredibly quick doodle since my body is crying for sleep. Just went ahead with the original doodle and coloured it digitally, like for my Day 1 entry.

Seedless Watermelon_Final

Abruptly ending here because zzzzzzzz

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