Day 4: MacRitchie TreeTop Walk

I need to be honest. I did not complete Day 4’s work on Day 4. That morning, a bunch of us went do the MacRitchie TreeTop Walk, taking about 2.5 hours to reach the suspension bridge and circle back to Venus Drive. The terrain was relatively gentle, and the weather was good so there were no muddy trails to combat.

Look at us, so fresh and bright at the start! We were posing with a few of the 100+ items that the very well-prepared Gabriel brought along for the trip.


Yet, our energy completely ran out at the end of it. Grace said she had been on the trail twice, and this was her most exhausting experience yet. Maybe it was all the chatting. Maybe it was our stamina.

Apple Health told us we clocked about 15,000 steps each. Yay! To mark this momentous occasion, I wanted to make a badge of honour. This took me way longer than expected to churn something decent out. 

Rough sketch of a minimalist and very literal portrayal of the tree top walk:


Next, used this photo I took on the walk as reference:



Couldn’t get the colour scheme right for a long time. This reminded me of a vegetable farm for some reason.

Final product after four hours. Green gradient looked odd so went with blue for a calm feeling:

TreeTop Walk_Final

For the curious, my Saturday adventure continued. We negated those 15,000 steps by pigging out — sushi, high tea, cupcakes, profiteroles, fries, wings etc.

Then plot twist! We, being of the athletic persuasion (ha ha), took a breezy and enjoyable stroll to Marina Bay Sands from Tanjong Pagar. The enjoyable bit took a tumble from here as we perspired our way to the Gardens by the Bay food court. At the end of the day, we had clocked another 10,000 steps, and my feet were sobbing in my shoes.

I went to my charging station (the bed) once I got back and showered. What a roundabout way to tell you why Day 4’s work was not done on Day 4, and that it took me four hours of work not including the brainstorming. 

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