Day 5: De-motivational Quote

It was only Day 5 and I was running dry! I did not expect a creative block to come so soon, especially since there are no rules binding me to certain art forms. It was a massive block. I felt like I am in the wilderness with no supplies and no signal on my cell. Most part of my day consisted of running errands and doing laundry. I managed to sit down to this only around 6pm. Knowing I did not have much time to come up with something for Day 5, I got increasingly anxious and agitated.

The fatigue from yesterday’s adventure and all that running about in the day really got to me. I barely noticed the ache in the my feet and calves as I fought my drooping eyelids. I should have taken the hint and went for an early night, but I stubbornly pushed myself on.

Darren saw my frantic state, told me I should get some good rest and try again in the morning, or the new week would be another vicious cycle of exhaustion. He was right. I reluctantly shut down my laptop to match the status of my brains.

Yup, so Day 5’s work was also not done on Day 5. It is now technically Day 6. To prevent a heavy backlog, I am going really simple with Day 5’s piece.

I present to you a de-motivational quote:


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