Day 8: Mao Shan Wang

It’s durian season now, and you can definitely smell it in the air. Some throw durian parties, some head to roadside stalls for their fix, and some fall sick because of eating too many durians.

I’m not such a great fan of durians, but you know who is? Mimi.


This is Mimi.

When someone cracks open a thorny green shell at home, she’ll be there in a flash, twitching her nose violently and looking up at you with pleading eyes. We remove the creamy yellow flesh from the seed for her. Unfortunately I have no photos of her eating durians.


Waiting for someone to come home with more durians or something.

There is a type of durian called Mao Shan Wang, or literally “Cat Mountain King”. I used it as the topic for today’s doodle.


Initial sketch


The Chinese characters say “Cat Mountain”, and I crowned Mimi in the doodle. (:

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