Day 11: Portraits After Dark

I went to Portraits After Dark, a monthly session that takes place at the Red Dot Design Museum. You can sign up as sitters or as artists. Each sitting is 20 minutes with 10 minutes breaks in between. Here’s a section of MAAD, or the Market of Artists And Designer, where the session was located.


It was my first time there and wow, talented folks there were doing all sorts of wonderful things. A group of friends illustrated as awesome T-Rexes? Check. Painted drawing of a sitter AND his t-shirt details, all completed in 20 minutes? Check.

I sat there with perspiration beading on my forehead, nervously trying to do my own noob thing. My seat was far away from the curious onlookers, which comforted me a little.

The five portraits done that night:


Top (L-R): Tanaya, Sharon, Bottom (L-R): Cheryl, Moon


Last portrait of the night

It was a great learning experience and really inspiring to see other artists at work. I was utterly pooped at the end of the night, but I’d be hard-pressed to think of a better way to expand my energy. (:

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