Day 13: Smug Mug

This is Jake. He likes to go camping and can pitch a tent all by himself. That’s no surprise — He has completed those courses where you have to survive on your own for five days in the wilderness with nothing but a backpack of supplies. Jake is all sorts of proud with his survival skills.

See Jake’s smug mug in its solid colour glory, with bonus crappy calligraphy:

13_Go Camping

A little slow with this piece, because I was all:

  1. The sketch is out, I’m going to post it as it is.
  2. I should at least outline it.
  3. It looks plain. Some colour wouldn’t hurt.
  4. What pantone is Jake’s hair colour?
  5. The image’s too flat. A simple shadow layer will be quick to add.
  6. It’s late, I should post it now.
  7. Ooo look new brush pen from Japan that I bought as a self-encouragement to learn calligraphy.
  8. How does this pen work?
  9. Wow calligraphy is hard.
  10. Ok I’m not going to pick up calligraphy in a day. I should post now.

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