Day 14: Ear Flaps

I was looking for a new show to watch and chanced upon “Dad, Where Are We Going?” The show was apparently popular enough to warrant international spinoffs. I am on Episode 6 and can begin to see why. The adorable children easily coax the “awws” out of you and the interaction they have with their fathers is so heartwarming.

In particular, I am taken by this little boy Yoon Hoo, an energetic bundle providing the comic relief in the show. He has a cheeky smile, a small tummy, and a kind heart.


Screenshot taken from KShowOnline 

The ear flaps from Yoon Hoo’s winter cap were slightly twisted to the side as he went about his mission that day. I found it quite endearing, and made a drawing loosely based on the screenshot above.


I was going to stop there, then decided to apply some water to see how different the effect would be. It has been a long time since I used colour pencils, and I had never really used watercolour. I forgot the sketch was on normal note paper – it immediately shrivelled up at the touch of the wet brush. The colour had smeared, so I just sucked the air through my teeth and continued to paint.

It was so different working with a brush. The weight of the strokes had to be lighter, seeing as how the colours spread so easily. I should also have filled in the lighter colours first, waited for them to dry, then work on the darker colours to avoid smearing.


It’s ok, I shall try again next time!

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