Day 20: Thick Toast

Last week, I had a cup of extremely thick hot chocolate. It’s hard to believe, but there can be too much of a good thing. It took awhile to coax the molten chocolate out of the jug, and I could feel the chocolate slowly oozing down my throat. The cafe certainly did not skim on the ingredients. My previous brushes with chocolate of a similar texture had been different, since those were presented in a shot glass and quickly done with. This time, my parched throat called for fresh, clean water between mouthfuls of the rich liquid (or half-solid).

I described the texture to Darren afterwards, saying, “The chocolate was really, really thick. It would be the dumbest of its friends because it is so THICK. Get it? Huehuehue.”

He told me I could draw a stupid thick toast. That’s how this entry came about:

20_Thick Toast

Meanies everywhere

In other news, I am two-thirds through this 30-day challenge! It has been challenging indeed, as there have been days when inspiration or motivation was nowhere to be found. I had lagged in posting and tried to keep the pace by having more posts the next day.

The original plan was to blaze through the 30 days non-stop, through weekends and all other obligations. I have to admit though, I am tired. A short break sounds like a wonderful thing. I am still on medication and will take these few days off to recover. It’s also a packed weekend ahead with scheduled activities.

Hope this is ok with you, my dear. See you back here next week. (:

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