Day 30: Take Flight

Finally, Day 30.

There were days when ideas flowed and I felt unstoppable. The world? Ha! I’m going to conquer it! Then there were days when I could not achieve the look I wanted even after multiple attempts, and doubts whispered to me that I’m just not good enough. Sometimes, my mind evicted everything and would stubbornly stay blank like that.

While 30 days are pretty short, I believe the struggles and victories I experienced in this time are indicative of the longer journey. Disappointments and joys are sure to take their turns. Usually, obstacles call for a recalibration of my own expectations, the strength to pick myself up and the perseverance to continue. It is easier to get up again when I remember setbacks are temporary and to set my sights beyond the hill.

All these may sound cliched. Yet I have not felt so human in such a long while.

There is just something about putting pencil/pen/brush to paper, and the immense satisfaction of seeing the end product even if it is not perfect. Perhaps it is the feeling of seeing your own idea come to life.

I suppose this is why Day 30 marks not so much an end as it does a beginning.

30_Take Flight

Skies in your eyes

Thank you for walking with me these 30 days and being so patient with the unexpected breaks. If you would, I hope to keep your company still, as I continue my wild exploration in the coming days. (:

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