Fluffy Pancakes

“There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.”

– Ron Swanson

I love breakfast food and hope never to have to contest this statement.

Because of a breakfast dish, we broke one of Darren’s travel rules a few years back. The rule was not to have a meal at the same place twice. This was strategic, as there were so many food outlets to explore in so few days. We had to maximise our stomach space. The tempter in question? Pancakes on the Rock.

It was the second time I breached this rule (the first being a roadside stall selling bún bò huế in Ho Chi Minh). At Pancakes on the Rock, I tried Devil’s Delight and instantly fell in love. Such lovely, FLUFFY chocolate pancakes! I was so happy. The pancakes stayed in my mind and it was clear I would regret it if I left the city without tasting them again.

Devil's Delight at Pancakes on the Rocks, Sydney

Hastily taken shot of Devil’s Delight before the devouring began.

We bought the pancake mix available in-store, and while the homemade pancakes were enjoyable enough with blueberries, they were no Devil’s Delight. Nowhere as fluffy too. Sigh.

Well, all these thoughts of fluffy pancakes have to be channelled somewhere.

Fluffy Pancakes - I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.

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