Oxford Dictionaries New Entries

Oxford Dictionaries recently updated its list of words for informal language. Words like awesomesauce (which always reminds of me of Andy from Parks and Recreation), bruh, and cupcakery have made it in. Sure, Microsoft Word furrows its eyebrows and marks out the words in jagged red lines but hey! These words are legit in the Oxford Dictionaries now.

Parks and Recreation_Andy_Awesomesauce

Clip source: Parks and Recreation, NBC. Screenshot taken from here

April: Hey, I love you.

Andy: Dude! Shut up! That’s awesomesauce! (Puts up hand for high five).

Wired Magazine highlighted some of the interesting new words/phrases, and from this list, I plucked out three of them to draw and letter by hand.

Beer o clock, New word in Oxford Dictionaries

Beer o’clock (noun): An appropriate time of day for starting to drink beer

“We went to find a bar as it was almost beer o’clock.”

Brain Fart, New word in Oxford Dictionaries

Brain fart (noun): A temporary mental lapse or failure to reason correctly

“I’m having a brain fart and can’t spell his name correctly.”

Fur Baby, New word in Oxford Dictionaries

Fur baby (noun): A person’s dog, cat, or other furry pet animal

“My fur baby gets carsick, so we don’t take her far unless we have medication from her vet.”

The illustration of Fur Baby was inspired by Baby Carlos of the Hangover movie. You would recognise him as the sunglasses-wearing baby who was strapped snuggly to Zach Galifianakis.

The Hangover, Whose baby is this? Baby Carlos

Source: Warner Bros.

Do you have a favourite from the list of Oxford Dictionaries’ new words?

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