What day is it?

The days of the week in Japanese are pretty interesting. The first Kanji letter of each day refers to an elemental force. The planets in the solar system are also named after each element, so if you look at the days of the week, Tuesday’s 火 is ‘Fire’ and linked to 火星 Mars, Wednesday’s 水 is ‘Water’ and linked to Mercury 水星, and so on.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Japanese Kanji Days of the week

  • Monday 曜日: Moon
  • Tuesday 曜日: Fire/Mars
  • Wednesday 曜日:  Water/Mercury
  • Thursday 曜日: Wood/Jupiter
  • Friday 曜日: Gold or Metal/Venus
  • Saturday 曜日: Earth/ Saturn
  • Sunday 曜日: Sun

The more you know! *Rainbow and star appear*

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