Farewell Cards

Customised some farewell cards before zipping off to Japan!

 Thank You for being Teh Best Colleagues Mini Farewell Card

Teh Best Colleagues Farewell mini card

“Thank You for being Teh Best Colleagues” Mini Card

This was a gift tag-sized mini card. The image is based on Teh Tarik, or ‘pulled tea’, a drink commonly found in Singapore and Malaysia. It is prepared by pouring the milk tea back and forth between two mugs of different heights. The finished product has a layer of foam on top and is usually served in a clear coffee shop mug. It made a good match for the “Teh” pun.

Can't Pear to Leave Farewell Postcard

Can't Pear to Leave Farewell Postcard

“Can’t pear to leave” Farewell Postcard

This one was a postcard with more space on the back to write a longer message. The words here play on the homonym for ‘pear’. Its Chinese character is ‘梨’ (li), which sounds similar to ‘离’ (li), or leaving. The words are “Can’t bear to leave”, and it was a nice coincidence to be able to swap ‘pear’ for ‘bear’ in the English translation. Haha!

It is the first time seeing my work as an actual product since starting A Wild Exploration a few months ago. There is an inexplicable thrill and satisfaction just holding the cards in my hand. The cards have since moved on to its recipients, which brings an even greater rush! More motivation for the mad dash to meet the Christmas season. (:

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