Letter It October

I’m late to the game for Letter It October, as I found out about it only at the end of its second week. I try to practise lettering using the quotes everyday and post them to Instagram if they look decent enough. The quotes are uplifting and make for good reminders.

Letter It October Rise Up With Enthusiasm

Day 16. With a spelling mistake made in haste. 

Letter It October And So the Adventure Begins

Day 19. Love the gradient from a Copic Sketch.

Letter It October Be Brave with Your Life

Day 22. An arrow alluding to Princess Merida from Brave.

I haven’t been very active here because of the hectic schedule to get something out in time for the Christmas season. It sounds deceptively simple to take an intangible idea and turn it into a concrete piece of work. Just draw and print, right?

The actual process is lengthy and labour-intensive, especially for a one-person outfit. E.g., Have a rough production timeline, do research, brainstorm ideas, make sketches, draw it, digitise it, decide on colour palette, apply colour, work on accompanying text, letter the text, ensure look is cohesive, speak to suppliers, decide on type of paper, tweak timeline etc. Some things require singular focus, while some have to happen in tandem. I feel like I am back to school again learning new things. It’s all at once alien, refreshing and exciting.

Tempted to show a sneak peek of what I’m working on, but I shall resist. Here’s to chugging tea and coffee in copious amounts till completion!

Dilmah English Breakfast Tea

Drinking English Breakfast Tea in the afternoon. Look out, we have a badass here.

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